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Aditya Birla Finance Ltd.

To my mind, I should summarize the feedback primarily in two areas: Product Functionality and Post Production Ongoing Support.

First to the capability assessment of OmniFin, this has truly worked well for us especially being agile and nimble with respect to the digital-age requirements of a loan management system. Having worked across banking platforms across foreign and Indian pvt banks / nbfcs, I must say it was extremely reassuring to find a system which is able to handle both traditional and otherwise needs of the business from a tech stack perspective. The workflows are simple yet comprehensive and the fungibility across term loans and line of credit products has been seamless among some of the noteworthy features.

And then to the main point, the continuous post production support; every member of your team comes empowered and importantly each one has terrific understanding of their domain - this has proven to be very useful in all conversations and delivery requests. Problems have been understood well and estimations have been spot on and importantly, timely delivered.

Thank you being a partner of sustained reliability and I am happy to endorse your firm's credentials whenever need be.

I wish you and the team the very best and look forward to a very long and mutually beneficial relationship with A3S for many more years to come!


Prosenjit Aich

Head Digital Finance

Aditya Birla Finance Ltd.

Aditya Birla Housing Finance Ltd.

After month of hard work, we are delighted to officially announce the launch of our new core system A3S - Omnifin which will cater to Affordable Housing segment and going forward we will scale it up for accommodating our Prime business portfolio as well. This mail is a thank you note to the A3S team for expressing my heartfelt gratitude and appreciation for unending support and the magnificent team work shown by them throughout the project and thereafter.

We worked as a team and always believed to set a coherent vision for what we perceive our goal to be, which helped us to avoid confusions in the course of project implementation. Every project has it's challenges, because someone rightly said that, "Something worth having never comes easy" and so is the case here, however what made this project successful was the team spirit which is unfaltering.

In such a short span of time we managed to complete the Phase I implementation with multiple integrations is symbolic of high level of project management at both the team ends. We are for sure looking ahead for our Phase II implementation eagerly which has already started and will be in vigor , as we complete with our post go live agreed implementations

Would also like to thank and appreciate the whole A3S team who always put their best foot forward and made this project a big success.

I believe our journey is just started and since Great things in business are never done by one person, They are done by a team of people , we look forward for many such successful implementations achieving heights together.


Ganesh M Kotian

Head - Operations

Aditya Birla Housing Finance Limited

Aspire Home Finance Ltd.

We are extremely excited to partner with A S Software Services P Ltd (A3S) for the Lending Solution - OmniFin, since inception. Our decision to select A3S was based on their robust industry knowledge, ability to understand, ease of deployment and agility to provide end to end solution.

A3S has been managing the application effectively based on agreed application performance and service SLAs. A3S worked hard alongside our technology and data quality experts to meet our objectives and the standards we set for our technology platform, which involved complex customization. They have proactively solved issues impacting the business and handled the continuous releases of the applications promptly.

In AHFCL journey of growth, A3S has aligned itself to our vision and successfully complemented our operations without causing any discontinuities or issues. This has translated into successful processing of first file through the system, which is a rare phenomenon in our industry.

We have dealt with numerous technology development firms and A3S can easily be rated among the best in terms of timeliness, communication, solution provider and knowledge.


Anil Sachidanand

Managing Director & CEO

Aspire Home Finance Ltd.

Staragri Finance Ltd.

It has been approximately 18 months since we got associated with A3S, while OMNIFIN went live last April / May 15. Our association till date has indeed been very pleasant and satisfying.

The product design of software is very comprehensive and work flows are very detailed. Lot of efforts have gone into detailing while developing the product and it reflects on functionalities. Also probably this is one of the most inclusive and comprehensive systems available in India.

Further I would also like to compliment the A3S team on the continuous support provided during and post implementation. Team have always been receptive and forthcoming while taking up issues, changes, enhancements etc. and we hope that their positive approach and continued support will be one of the key driving forces in cementing our relationship further.

We wish A3S team very best and look forward to a very long and mutually beneficial relationship for many more years to come!


Vineet Saxena | Chief Operating Officer
Staragri Finance Ltd.

X10 Financial Services Ltd.

We are extremely happy with A3S Products and services. It has been a year together and we have been successful in building our business on your Product, OmniFin - the complete solution for the Asset financing revolutionary state of art product. The ability to upgrade, plug in and plug out as per clients business is commendable.

I would like to acknowledge and appreciate your services since our association. We value sincerity and honesty and your company has been an essence of professionalism and transparency in Operations.

Your problem solving skills, analytical skills and result oriented services have been a great help to us. The idea of Limit Monitoring System - X10 Online is a reality today because of A3S.


Karan Bhatia | Managing Director
X10 Financial Services Ltd.



Fortune Integrated Assets Finance Ltd.

We use Omnifin Modules for our CV Lending activities ranging from Sourcing, Credit Processing, Underwriting, Collection Management including General Ledger Modules.

You have demonstrated greater ownership while implementing the entire Modules including Data Migration.

Great job by A3S team and thank you for their dedicated effort. We are happy to record our appreciation for the way our Project was handled by A3S.


Fortune Integrated Assets Finance Ltd.



Aruna Finance Ltd.

We are overwhelmed and more than happy by the OmniFin Lending Implementation from you.

We from Aruna Finance Limited applaud your team for the kind of service and support. We wish to get the same kind of service throughout our association with A S Software Services Pvt. Ltd.


B Y Narayana Rao | Managing Director
Aruna Finance Ltd.

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